As long as I can remember, in case of animals, I always liked everything what was different, unique and unusual. Since very young age I was in love with horses - my mom gives me the love to horses 🙂 When I was a kid we were living in the flat house and it was impossible to have a horse there so I bought a miniatures of horses and ponies and was building stables and paddocks from blocks. In 2010 I was helping my friend to buy a fresian stallion from a horse seller from Holand. He bring to Poland not only friesian horses but also 3 very small, young and frightened ponies. These little horses were just taken from their mothers, they were less than 6 months old and horrifying by everything. There was noone who wanted to buy them so we just couldn't left them there alone... It was a begining of our story with little ponies and miniature horses. That day we bought very little black filly which had few white spots on her back. We called her Pipi. She is still  with us but now she has grown and changed a lot 😀  Since that time I started to search for any information about miniature horses and ponies, how their lives look like, how to behave with stallins, mares or little foals, geldings. With time our little herd expanded by new ponies and miniature horses. In 2013 our first 2 foals were born - a filly and a colt, both appaloosas. In 2014 our Pipi gave birth to her first foal. Our breeding has beed expanded this way and our passion to miniature horses was enriched in huge knowledge and experience with these lovely creatures.

                                  At this moment in our stud farm we have miniature shetland ponies (at the height under 80cm) and standars shetland ponies (at the height between 80 and 100cm). We own also miniature appaloosa horses. As the name indicates, an appaloosa miniature horses are only in appaloosa / spots colour while shetland ponies are only in solid and pinto colour (black, bay, red / chestnut and their dilluted variety). Kaya and Lisa were born in our stud farn and they are our smallest horses - they are appropriately 63 and 61cm tall. The tallest one is Barok, which is 108cm tall and he is one of the most beautifull appaloosa horse that I have ever seen.


Against the current opinion about ponies that they are beastly, malicious, can bite and kick, we cannot agree with how hurting opinion. All our horses are very gentle and sweet, calm and easy to handle. Everyone, even the smallest children can come and touch or give them something to eat without feeling anxious that they would do something wrong. This is the real and wonderful nature of our little horses and for what we love them really much 🙂